About us

About us


In 1962, the non-profit organization Hebrew Ladies Association B'nai B'rith, and people of the Jewish Community of Cali-Colombia, concerned about the health care of children with limited resources in the southwest of Colombia, conceived the program Ana Frank, with the strong support of a group of medical specialists with a philanthropic vision, at the University Hospital Evaristo Garcia in the city of Cali.

Its aim is to support through actions and resources, the appropriate health care needed for children of low or non-economic resources of the entire Colombian southwest. Also to support families in the management of affected children, and helping to improve the quality of services and training of the medical team for a better care for the pediatric patient in critical condition.

Our goals

The Ana Frank Program's goal is to support through actions and resources to deliver the best medical care to sick and injured kids with lack of economic resources from all over the southwest region of Colombia, helping their families cope with their child's care.

Our values

  • Inculcating in the community the purest principles of philantropy, honor and patriotism.
  • Encourage the development of science and the arts.
  • Relieve the anguish of the poor.
  • Caring for the sick.
  • Help the victims of violence.
  • Protect and assist the elderly, widows and orphans according to the highest principles of Humanity.

Board of Directors

Hebrew Ladies Association Bnai Brith

The committee of friends of the Ana Frank program

  • President:
    • Anita Tadri Alexandrovich
  • Manager:
    • Amparo Abadía
  • Medical team:
    • Dr. Diego Palta (Chief of Pediatric Surgery)
    • Dr. Oliverio Medina (Chief of Pediatric Intensive Care-CIPAF)
  • Advisers:
    • Dr. Raul Astudillo
    • Dr. Edgar Cantillo
    • Dr. Otoniel Franco

Do you
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Your donation will give a child the opportunity to receive the best medical attention and care that he deserves.